Had the honor of designing the poster and catalog cover for an incredible exhibition on porn and illustration that is currently on display at Associazione Tapirulan in Italy. The show features 22 amazing illustrators, each one paired with a porn category.
My goal was to express in the more whimsical, innocent and witty way the combination of art and porn without being too vulgar and crude.
All the artists involved: Chiara Fedele, Gianluca Folì, Riccardo Guasco, Francesco Poroli, Massimo Caccia,  Ale Giorgini, Gloria Pizzilli, Carla Manea, Lorenza Natarella, Simone Massoni, Mauro Mazzara, Elisabetta Benfatto, Cristiano Baricelli, Martoz, Alex Raso, Thomas Campi, Matteo Berton, Davide Bonazzi, Vittorio Bustaffa, Gianluca Garofalo and Paolo D’Altan.
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