Line is a Mobile messenger app that has more than 300 million users worldwide and its very famous for its huge collections of over 5,000 original stickers and emoticons featuring many famous characters alongside original LINE ones. I am the first artist they contacted in Italy to create a set of stickers that reflects the italian spirits.
Say hello to two of the greatest Best Frends For Life, they love to hang out, have fun and be creative together. Download the BFFL for free, they want to be your friend! 


Pizza Rat Race game (Free)
T-Shirts Collection
Wasting Time Since 2007
Poolga Wallpapers (Free Download)
Biking in Milan
Pile of Illustrations 2014
Veggie Friends
KidRobot Dunny Ping & Pong
Very Bravo Toys
UWT - Il Tirannosauro
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